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KØMOS on Sünser Spitze (OE/VB-34Ø)

KØMOS on Sünser Spitze (OE/VB-34Ø)

This is Matt/KØMOS, writing about Summits On the Air (SOTA). SOTA is an international rewards program for Radio Amateurs (hams). We SOTA Activators hike and climb mountain-tops with our radio gear, and from there connect with fellow radio amateurs (SOTA Chasers) around the world.

SOTA is a world-wide program with 110+ participating associations in different countries. To date, nearly 78’000 summits have been cataloged worldwide (as of 2016).

I am living in Colorado (WØC) which boasts close to 2’000 summits in the SOTA catalog. The purpose of this site is to provide useful information for other SOTA Activators by writing about my trips (activations) and providing some pictures and videos.

You can search for a specific summit (via Search function on the right), browse the reports by activation date (in the Archives on the right) or by activated regions (Categories: so far WØC, WØN, W6, W7U, W7Y, OE, HB, HBØ and DM).

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